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In almost twenty years in the practice of law and at least half as many representing people injured due to the fault of others at hotels, resorts, spas and other venues throughout the United States, the Caribbean and Mexico, just to name a few, if I had to compile my wish list of information I would like to have from every prospective client, it would be:

Airport Injuries: Where the pavement hits the tarmac.

Unique to aviation law are the shear variety of serious injuries that occur in the airport environment. Airports are busy hubs with many moving parts where airport personnel and management are focused on moving people as fast as possible from airplane to airplane, curb to airplane and back again. Traditionally divided by nomenclature like landside and airside, airports have today have come to include hotels, shopping malls, food emporiums and yes, even casinos. Combine these attractions with the tens of thousands of people each rushing to make their connections and you have the potential for serious injury or even, on rare occasion, wrongful death.

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